Osmo Genius Kit

We received this Kit from Play Osmo in exchange for a review. All thoughts expressed are my own! 

We got the Genius Kit from Play Osmo the week before Christmas and it's been a huge hit! It contains three games: Tangram, Words and Numbers, along with the iPad base. 


I love being able to let the kids use the iPad for a while and know that they're working together and learning! Each game included can easily be enjoyed by both kids. 

Words uses two sets of alphabet tiles to play a bunch of different games! Kids can play cooperatively or competitively. The easiest levels just have kids fill in one missing letter instead of the whole word and it gets more difficult as they go on. They can play an adventure game or guessing games. Austin and I tried it on the hardest setting and it was HARD for us! I love that this game will grow with and teach the kids for a long time! You can also download new albums of words or create your own! 


Numbers uses a set of digit and dot tiles to teach kids how numbers work together. They learn how to create different numbers as they are displayed on the iPad. The easier levels use only the dot tiles and simple counting. Further on, kids use multiplication and addition to create larger numbers. 


Tangram uses a set of seven shape tiles to create all kinds of different images. Easier levels give the kids hints and tips for which shapes to place and the harder ones are just a solid shape. Again, the hardest levels are really hard, but both kids can complete the easy ones on their own! We've used a simple tangram app in the past, and it wasn't a hit for the kids. However, being able to physically handle the shapes and manipulate them in the "real world" is such a different experience than moving them around on the screen, they both enjoy it this way!


We've really enjoyed all of the Osmo products we've tried out, and I'm impressed with the versatility of each game! At our Christmas celebration, I brought out the Osmo when the kids were all getting a bit crazy at the end of the evening. It was quickly commandeered by the adults and we all enjoyed a few games of Words, although we let the kids watch! 


Thanks again to Osmo for providing us with the Genius Kit!