Still working

The next day we focused on removing all of the carpet and wallpaper throughout the RV. This included every wall, the inside of every cupboard and drawer, the ceiling, the bathroom and pretty much any other exposed surface. While the walls under the wallpaper were definitely dirty, we still only found several small patches of mold that we removed. 

We were able to finish removing the heating system they had installed and we also finished chipping away all the kitchen, hallway and bathroom tiles. 

Admittedly, it looked a whole lot worse than when we started. 

Dad and Austin were able to take down both cabinets from the living area. We found they were very difficult to remove and the one beside the door was pretty damaged after they had it all the way out. We decided not to take any of the other ones out just in case we ruined them as well. 

We were glad to have the set on the left down because we found a rotten patch on the ceiling that we were able to take care of right away. 

We were shocked and thrilled to find that the kitchen ceiling had no signs of water damage at all, one less thing to replace! We tore down all of the insulation and ceiling boards in the living room, but we'll be able to leave them throughout the rest of the house. 

The kids and I also made a solo trip to Home Depot to pick up lumber for our bunk and a huge bucket of Killz so we could start painting. I forgot the Tula and needed to use a big lumber cart which meant neither kid was contained and it was so awful I vowed to never do it again. 

The next morning I focused on cleaning up the front of the RV, sweeping, wiping everything down and most importantly, scrubbing the walls down. 

I was surprised by how much of the grossness washed right off with one wipe of bleach water. It was a very rewarding job!

Of course, I forgot to get a good "after" picture, but you can kind of see how much cleaner they are in the picture below. 

Dad got up on the roof to see how things looked, and again, we were pleasantly surprised! We had figured we would probably have to replace the whole roof but in the end, Dad was able to find the cracks and places the caulking had worn away and fix all of it quickly and easily. We haven't any rain since then, so I guess the jury's still out on whether he was successful or not....

We got the gross parts of the ceiling taken down and ready to be replaced. And hey, look at those clean walls!!!