Pure Peonies

For years, I’ve driven past this little farm at least once a week, never really noticing it or looking to closely. Last year someone posted a picture of a beautiful field of peonies and I realized it was that little farm! The very next day, we stopped by to wander through the fields and purchase a bouquet. It was almost the end of the season and we were excited to go the next year when everything was blooming.

We loved seeing all the bees busy at work, some of the blooms had 10 or more bees on one flower!


That day was last week and the fields did not disappoint! So many different colors, blooms as big as dinner plates and taller than Felix’s head!


We took a similar picture last year when I was just newly pregnant with Imogene. Crazy how much changes in a year!


I think this the first picture of all four that we have with all of them looking! I can’t wait to print this one really big!


You can walk through the fields and see all the beautiful flowers and then the friendly employees will cut whichever ones you’d like to purchase for $1/stem. We let the kids each pick one to take home and they spent a long time studying each variety before choosing!


It’ll be so crazy to see how much she’s changed by the time we visit the farm next year!


After wandering the fields, there’s a little garden with a winding path full of all different varieties of peonies! Lulu and I loved checking them all out! Pure Peonies sells flowers as well as bulbs, check out their website for all the varieties! They’re so pretty! I can’t wait to buy some one day, for now I’ll enjoy this gorgeous field every year!


If you live locally, you really should take a trip out to the farm! They’re open for visits and fresh cut flowers until June 17!