Thrifty Fifty

The lovely folks at Value Village were kind enough to send me a $50 gift card to use to find some treasures! Lulu and I headed out one evening after Austin got home, me with my gift card and her with 6 crumpled dollar bills kept in a pillow case.


It’s no secret that I LOVE to thrift shop, it’s seriously my favorite past time. I can easily spend several hours combing the racks looking for good deals. However, I’m usually in a rush, with a baby in the sling, another in the cart, my big kids whining to look at the toys or books and someone always needs to go to the bathroom. This time I intentionally picked a time I could really look, and it was so fun! I’ll share with you some of the fun things I found, and then show you what I ended up purchasing with my $50!


We always take a peek at the books first. I used to let the kids pick out a book each time we came, however the prices have gone up and they’re priced individually now instead of just a blanket price, so unless it’s a book I know they’ll absolutely love we usually just browse and return them at the end. I loved this fold-out book, it was in great condition!


Since buying our home last year, I’ve loved looking in the housewares section! When we lived in the bus we didn’t have room for anything extra, but now I’m enjoying stocking our kitchen. Since we didn’t have an oven in the bus, we got rid of most of our big pans and baking dishes so it’s been fun to slowly build up a collection on nice kitchen items. I really loved the pretty pitcher in the middle, but knew my kids would probably break it. Isn’t it pretty? Someday I’ll have a beautiful white pitcher filled with flowers on my dining room table!


More fun housewares! These aisles are some of my favorites, sorted by material (Metal, Wood, Glass, etc.) but you never know what you’ll find! The “wood” aisle is especially interesting and I’ve found some really beautiful, high quality wooden toys in the past!


Not surprisingly, I usually spend the most time browsing the racks of kids’ clothing. Our four kids are growing like weeds and it’s seriously a chore to keep the clothed. Because of our small home and very limited clothing storage space, I rarely buy ahead unless it’s something really amazing. I don’t mind, but sometimes it means a growth spurt leaves a kid without a single pair of pants that fit. I don’t usually buy a lot in one visit, but by carefully picking one or two items each time, I’m able to clothe my kids in high-quality, stylish clothing for so much cheaper than buying new!


Here are a few cute things I was tempted by! I love both of the coats on the top - and for under $3? You can’t beat that! If I knew Imogene would fit in the sweet little red one before Lulu grew out of her red coat I would have snatched it up!


I’m always surprised by how many name brand items I find! There were a few adorable Tea dresses and shirts! The cute denim jacket was a bit too small for Felix, otherwise I would have taken it!


Yes, I almost bought my kids underwear at the secondhand store! In my defense, they were brand new! $1.99!


Of course we always have to stop and check out the toys. I rarely buy anything for my kids, but they love to look for treasures and plan out what them night purchase next time they have a few dollars. Lulu brought her money this time and bought a few fun grab bags of dolls and clothing. I do always look for toys that I know will get a lot of use: Playmobil, vintage Fisher Price, classic wooden toys and dolls.


I loved this basket stand and baskets, I have a similar one in our bathroom with towels, extra TP and wash cloths!


There were so many tempting pairs of shoes! I found several pairs of adorable Toms, Stride Rites and See Kai Run shoes! Ballet slippers, cowboy boots, tap shoes, rubber boots, I could have used the whole $50 on shoes alone!


I’ve mentioned before that I always take a peek at the toiletries, they often have packs of diapers! On this trip, there was this big, unopened box of tampons. I realize that the thought of tampons purchased at a secondhand store might gross some people out, but the box wasn’t even open! You never know what you’ll find, right under the tampons - a tent!


So, what did I spend my $50 on? How far did it stretch?


I thought it was a pretty good haul for $50:

  • Zara alpaca wool sweater

  • Two Old Navy dresses

  • Tea Collection dress

  • Five sleepers for Imogene

  • Three onesies

  • (new) Dish towel

  • (new) Sports bra and running top for me

  • Ballet book and Star Wars book

  • Three pairs of pants for Imogene

  • Amazing Things banner

  • Sheet pan

  • Rubber boots for Felix

  • Robeez boots for Imogene

  • (new) Flatware set

  • US wall map

  • Doll

  • Leotard for Lulu


I’ve been on the look out for some flatware, ours seems to disappear at an alarming rate (I’m blaming a certain blonde haired boy and his love for throwing stuff in the garbage…). I love how a new pretty dish towel makes me want to clean my kitchen!


Cute little brown Robeez for Imogene and I’m always on the lookout for tiny rubber boots with wide openings! My chubby legged babies/toddlers can rarely fit in normal rubber boots and it’s hard to find tiny ones! Felix can wear these ones now and hopefully Imogene will get some use out of them eventually!


A few of the cute things we found for Imogene!


A few more finds! The sweater is so soft, 100% alpaca wool! I can’t wait for Imogene to wear it!


All in all, it was a fun, successful trip with my biggest girl! I found a few things we needed and a few things for fun!

How about you? Are you a thrifter? What’s your best thrift find?

Thanks again to Value Village for sponsoring our trip!