Car Conversations

I feel like the kids and I spend a lot of time in the car each week, driving Lulu to school, going to appointments, heading out to play, waiting in the pick up line, visiting Austin at work, going to church, etc. While it's easy to grumble about the time spent commuting, I've also realized what a great time it is to visit with the kids! 


A few of this weeks' highlights: 

Abram: How many pounds would it take to read the whole solar system? 

Me: I honestly have no idea!

Abram: Can you please just tell me?!


Lulu: When I'm a teenager, can I walk to the park with Abram?

Me: Sure! You can take Felix too!

Lulu: No way! What if he needs to nurse? 

*Cue conversation explaining that everyone will age at the same speed and Felix will be 8 by the time she's a teenager*


While we were visiting a graveyard, Lulu pointed out how one grave didn't have a "Died" date. I explained that it was a wife who wanted to be buried beside her husband, so they had her name there even though she hadn't died yet. Lulu seemed repulsed by this idea and brought it up again the next day while were heading to school. 

Lulu: I just feel sad that that lady has to be buried there even though she's not dead yet! 

Apparently I didn't explain it quite right....


As we drove home the other evening, Abram absentmindedly asked when he would be able to have a baby. I explained to him that he can't have a baby, because he doesn't have a uterus. What followed was one of the most outrageous 20 minute tantrums I've yet to experience, finally ending with me giving in and telling him that maybe I'm wrong, maybe he does have a uterus...


The kids and I were talking about super powers and what we'd choose if we could. 

Lulu: Well, I actually already kind of have a super power. 

Me: Oh, really? What is it?

Lulu: Eavesdropping. 

Can't argue with her there, that kid must have incredible hearing, not to mention the incredible ability to bring things up at the most inopportune moments!


I pulled out my debit card to pay for gas and Abram gasped in the back seat: 

Abram: MOMMY. Is that a CREDIT CARD!? 

Me, taken aback: No! It's my debit card, why?

Abram: Credit cards are bad! They make you think you have lots of money but you just had DEBT! 

(Also they both like to yell "3-2-1 WE'RE DEBT FREE!" from the backseat, any ideas which podcast we've been listening to?)


Thanks to Hyundai USA for making our commute so much more enjoyable! We used a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe for the week and we all loved it! Lots of room for everyone, huge sun roof, amazing sound system, smooth handling, we were all sad to move back into our mini van when we returned it!