Sunday Driving

One of our favorite things to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon is to go for a nice long drive. We try to rest and relax on Sundays and sometimes that's hard to do when we're at home and surrounded by tasks and chores. 


We often pack a little lunch and head out to explore our area. Our drives often lead us to the ocean, or up the mountain or through a new little town. We stop when we want and get lost a lot. The kids enjoy exploring with us and Felix often naps for most of the time. 


Since we were borrowing a 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser last week, we decided to put it to the test and drove way out on quiet logging road. And the verdict? It passed! It was a smooth ride and had no issues through the mud, steep hills and gravel roads. It was so gorgeous and peaceful up there!


At one point, Lulu wanted us to pull over because she needed to pick some ferns for her fairy. I had to agree, the spot she pointed out did seem rather magical! A quick pit stop and a handful of ferns later, and she was happy. 


We often end up finding new interesting trails and parks. It was so gorgeous on Sunday, we just kept driving and exploring.


We found the perfect little trail through the woods and the kids loved running ahead of us to see what was around each bend. Austin brought his drone along, so he was out flying (while wearing Felix) while the kids and I explored in the woods!


The Land Cruiser was pretty filthy by the end of our adventures, inside and out. It was so fun to have a nice vehicle to drive though, tons of room for the kids, navigation system for us and awesome sound system to keep us all happy! 


Austin and I often say we'll be sad when the kids want to do their own thing instead of spending Sunday afternoons gallivanting around the county with us, but I hope that never happens! 


Thanks so much to Toyota for providing us with the wonderful 2017 Land Cruiser to use for the week! It's such a great vehicle, we were very impressed!