Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers

A couple weeks ago, we received the newest Osmo game: Hot Wheels MindRacers. The kids love it and Austin and I have played it more than once after the kids are in bed, haha! 


MindRacers is an interactive racing strategy game. The coolest part is that it uses real Hot Wheels cars! The kids spend so long agonizing over which car to choose, they know each of their names and they love playing with them without the game too!


The cars race down the track and then appear on the iPad screen! You then use tokens to make your moves in the race. 


There are four kinds of tokens (Spin, Attack, Boost and Star) and the kids have to decide when to use each one. Once a token is used, it can't be used again so they've started to learn to use them wisely! 


You can race each other, play in cooperative mode or race the iPad! My two aren't super competitive (yet!) so it's really a great game for them, they love throwing down the tokens to see their car respond on the screen. 


The eight different worlds and races are exciting and unique, my kids love the challenges and excitement each one offers! 


My kids have loved all of the Osmo games we've been able to try out, but I think this one might take the cake! It's been the perfect (quiet-ish) activity for them to enjoy together while I put Felix down for his naps so it's a favorite of mine as well ;) 


Play Osmo generously provided us with Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers in exchange for this review!