I am no stranger to homeschooling, having been homeschooled for K-8 myself. Homeschooling my own kids has been a dream of mine for years and so far it's been so fun! 

The most surprising thing about homeschooling? How much time we spend away from home! 

This week, Lulu went to school on Monday and Wednesday. 


On Tuesday, Austin had an interview for his citizenship in Seattle, so we decided to spent the day there as a family. I had to sit and wait in the car with the kids while he completed his paperwork and interview, thank goodness we were using a 2017 Toyota Highlander this week! Not only did the kids have some room to move around, it has a DVD player! We do not have a DVD player or TV at home, so this was a huge treat for our kids and definitely appreciate by Austin and I on the 3 hour drive there and back!


We spent the rest of the day at the Seattle science center, enjoying the exhibits and displays. We got to watch a 3D movie in the iMax theater! Abram and Lulu were both so funny, constantly reaching out to grab plants or animals as they "came towards us". Felix peacefully slept through the whole thing. 


They both loved the dinosaur display and Lulu couldn't get enough of the butterfly room. We got to see a show in the planetarium before heading home. I love learning alongside my kids!


On Thursday, we got to go see a dance show at our local university. A local dance artist and his company performed hip hop and tap routines and my kids loved it! We met my sister and her four youngest kids there, we filled a whole row! Abram was especially excited that it was a man dancing, he's the only boy in his ballet class and it was fun for him to see a guy dance!


Friday found us visiting the library and spending time reading and playing with toys together. 

The kids both have ballet class on Saturday mornings, so we were out the door early and home around lunch time. 


If you were paying attention, that means we were gone every day last week! I enjoy leaving the house daily, and the kids do too, but I always make sure they have lots of down time at home too! We enjoyed a couple gorgeous evenings and Lulu was so excited to play in the puddles outside!


Thanks to Toyota USA for letting us try out the 2017 Toyota Highlander for the week! #letsgoplaces #toyotausa #highlander