Five on Friday: 5 things that are stressing me out

(Random pictures from this week, not relevant to this post, but they have to go somewhere!)

1. Austin grabbed something from the basement (the underbelly storage compartment of the bus) and saw a RAT down there. I can't really think of anything worse. I'm paranoid it's going to find it's way into the bus and I will probably burn the bus down and move into a hotel room if that happens (hm.... bathtub, tv, reliable wifi, room service...besides the price tag, that doesn't sound too bad....). Anyway, my Amazon cart currently looks like I'm starting up my own extermination business. 


2. Lulu has been talking about her birthday party non-stop the past few weeks. The birthday party I hadn't really been planning on having. If she had her choice, it would be a "Peacock and Camel, Spooky Costume Surprise Party". If I had my choice it would be a "Go to McDonald's with Our Cousins" themed party. Not sure how this is going to play out. I keep responding to her party ideas with "Well, we'll see", which obviously means "No" in mom language, right? I think she hasn't learned that yet. 

3. I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow. While I'm excited for the actual wedding (I love weddings!) I'm a little stressed about leaving the baby for that long, hopefully he takes a bottle...It's also supposed to be pouring rain all day tomorrow, which makes the plan for outdoor pictures slightly problematic.


4. Felix is getting baptized (or 'bathtized' according to Lulu) on Sunday and I realized today he has very few things that fit him to wear. A onesie that says "Pants Optional" or a sleeper covered in baby elephants don't really seem appropriate for a baptism, right? I mean, he doesn't need anything fancy, but his signature outfit of fat naked thighs and a white onesie might not cut it. 

5. I'm already struggling to keep up with laundry now that we can't line dry it! Our washer/dryer washes but no longer dries, so without the ability to line dry, we're pretty much stuck. I'm really hoping to avoid spending hours and dollars at the laundromat, but it's not looking possible with two messy kids and a poopy, pukey baby. I check the laundry mountain every morning, but the laundry fairy still hasn't stopped by.


Anyone want to solve my problems?