We went to the beach last night to release some energy and enjoy the sunset. After we all wandered around together for a while, the kids wanted to go play at the playground. Abram is much more bold than Lulu and he had no problem pushing his way through the crowded ladders and slides. Lulu, however, ended up getting pushed on the slide and that was it for her. She asked to walk down to the beach instead. I sat on the bench close by and watched her. 


There's a busy sidewalk next to the beach and there were lots of people walking, running and biking past. There was also live music playing at the amphitheater further down the path. I could see her start quietly pointing her toes and shaking her hands.


She can be so outgoing and bold, but I've started to see her becoming a little more reserved and self-conscious. I'm not surprised by it, but it does make me sad to realize she's getting older.


Soon she couldn't contain it and she started dancing, twirling and leaping across the sand. It made me so happy. I sat back and took pictures while she moved to the music. 


At one point an older couple stopped and watched her, big smiles on their faces. She stopped dancing when she realized, but then went right back into it after returning their smiles


Later she told me she'd like to come to the beach every day and let it be her stage, even if people do watch her. 


I hope she grows in her confidence, doesn't let an audience change who she is and that I'll always have a front row seat.