Lorena Canals

The kids' room is a constant problem for me. It's a very small space, so it gets messy very quickly. Cleaning it multiple times a day gets annoying and frustrating. Usually, Austin cleans it with the kids before bed and it's a huge mess all day long. I've come to terms with this, and I appreciate that they have their own space that can be messy and not leak out into the rest of the bus. 

But the one thing I can't handle is the dirt and grime that gets in their space! When we moved in, we purchased a cheap area rug to cover their floor. It is constant disgustingly filthy and I can't seem to get it clean. Vacuuming it did nothing. I've crawled over the whole thing on my hands and knees, scrubbing it with a tiny brush. I've tried different kinds of cleaners and sprays and nothing seems to work. It picks up every piece of dust, hair, mud and dirt that the kids drag in.

And again, because their space is so small, it's walked on and played on a lot. In a fit of hormonal nesting and frustration, I pulled it out and threw it out the door the other day. They've have a bare floor since then, which is slightly easier for me to deal with. 

But when Lorena Canals offered to send us one of their beautiful area rugs, you can bet I was all over that! I spent way too long deciding on which rug to order (there are SO many beautiful ones!) and ended up with this one.

It's super cute, the perfect size for their space and (ready for this?) MACHINE WASHABLE!! That's right, I can just throw it in our washing machine (even our tiny one can handle it!). It stays cleaner and looks nicer than their old cheapie one and I love how soft and cozy it is! 

I was impressed that the rug didn't have any chemical or plasticy smell when we opened it and spread it out, our last one took several days to stop smelling. I love that it's made of natural materials, the kids were rolling all over it and loving the softness as soon as we had it laid out! 

I don't feel nearly as panicked when I see the kids wander into their room with their dirty feet and mud streaked bodies, even if their rug gets dirty, I'll just toss it in the washing machine! Seriously, I'm in love!

Check out Lorena Canals here: www.lorenacanals.us