Getting Ready for Baby

We have just a month left until my due date! My first two babies were both 8 days late, so realistically, I'll be planning on an extra week. 

We're slowly gathering baby items and supplies. Because of our small space, we're limited on what we'll be getting. We're doing our best to stick to the bare essentials, and not buying too much until the baby is born and we know a little more about what we'll want/need for him/her. 

We do not have space for a bassinet, crib or a free standing baby bed of any kind. A few months ago, a friend of mine recommended the DockATot, a breathable baby bed that makes co-sleeping easy and safe. The thing that I love about it is that it's multi-functional, it can be used as a lounger, co-sleeper or for playtime. The slightly raised edges make it so baby can't roll out and the cozy 100% cotton fabric makes it a cozy place for baby to sleep and nap. I'm really excited to try this out with our baby! We've co-slept with our first two babies and I think this will make it even easier and more comfortable! 

I've been slowly purchased a few clothing items here and there. We don't know what we're having (and our family is split on our guesses!) and it's hard to find cute, gender neutral things! Finn + Emma has just that! Super cute items, and they are all made with organic cotton, non-toxic, eco friendly dyes and they're super cute and soft! Since we're not going to be getting tons of clothing for our baby, I love that the few things we're getting are such high quality garments! There aren't any characters or silly sayings on any of their items, I love the simple designs and creative collections!

One item I got that isn't necessarily a necessity is one of this adorable Binxy Baby cart hammocks! I'm a pretty hardcore babywearing mom, but I will admit that my babies have both been big and sweaty. I'm looking forward to having the option of using the cart hammock instead of wearing my little one during the hot summer months. These cart hammocks fit most standard shopping carts and support up to 50lbs! I think that'll be enough for even my chunky babies ;) 

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We're planning to get a Mamaroo swing from 4Moms so that we do have one dedicated safe baby space in our home. We've done some rearranging in our living room to make a little corner for the swing and I hope it works out! We'll probably wait until the baby is born to buy it, so that it's not taking up room while we wait! 

While we got rid of almost every single baby thing when we moved, I did hold onto a couple baby carriers, which I'm grateful for now! Since this will be a summer baby and my first two are late fall, I am going to be looking for a lightweight wrap to use when the baby is tiny. I'm leaning towards a Solly Baby wrap

Another thing we did to prepare is that we lowered our loft bed to make it easier to get into and out of. Not only will this make it easier and more accessible with a newborn, by giant pregnant body also appreciates it.

I've also started buying a few packs of diapers, breast pads and other smaller baby items. I'm planning to breast feed, but I'll probably pick up a breast pump and a few bottles just to be prepared! It's a balance between buying too much beforehand and having it be unnecessary and in the way, and not getting the things we need and feeling overwhelmed and unprepared after the baby is born. 

We're SO excited for the baby to born, Lulu has been counting down the days for months now and tells anyone and everyone about the new baby! Abram asks everyday if it's time for the baby to come out yet. I'm growing more uncomfortable everyday, no matter how much gear we do or don't have - I'm ready! 

*Binxy Baby, DockATot and Finn + Emma all generously provided me with products in exchange for my honest opinions  *