Hank the Rooster

Several months ago, the kids and I had nothing to do on a Monday. We usually go to the library for storytime on Mondays, but there wasn't any that day. instead I decided to take the kids to the local auction barn to see the small animal auction. As I left, Austin joked "Don't buy anything or I'll eat it!". Of course I wasn't going to buy anything! Right?

After the first few animals; a trio of goats, an old pot-bellied pig, a young calf, a sheep that was definitely past it's prime, they started bringing out the chickens, ducks and chickens. I wasn't tempted by the giant turkey or goose. Bidding wars broke out over the laying hens and ducks. But then they brought out a feed sack tied with baling twine, opened it up and pulled out a dirty, wet little rooster. And no one bid. 

The auctioneer slowed and peered around the ring.

"Anybody? $8?"




I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones, or straight up stupidity, but my hand went up. 

"SOLD!" the auctioneer cried, probably glad that somebody was willing to take him. 

I felt all eyes turn to me as they waited for me to give them my bidding number. The one I didn't have. 

After promising I'd go register for one right away, they handed me the dirty feed sack and the kids and I quickly escaped the room with our prize. 


When we got him home, I suddenly worried that maybe someone had brought him to the auction barn because he was mean. This is not the case, as we learned very quickly. He's very docile, follows the kids around the yard (although he runs from them when they chase him) and will find his way into the house within seconds of me leaving the door open. 

He spends the days wandering around the yard, finding bugs and eating spilled bird seed. As soon as the sun begins to set, he heads for his dog crate under the bus. We keep it covered with a blanket overnight and it's Lulu's job to let him out in the morning. He does crow a few times in the early morning, but it helps a lot to have him covered with a dark blanket. 

Austin still isn't sold, but the kids and I are in agreement that he's a great pet for us. Besides the crowing and occasional chicken poop in the house, he's pretty much the most low maintenance, and yes, useless pet, you could ask for!