One Year

One year ago this week, we bought our RV. We were excited, nervous, hopeful and terrified. We used most of our savings (which had been dwindling away each month) to buy it and hoped and prayed it would work out. 

I wish I could go back and give myself some advice. I would tell terrified me that this was a good choice! I'd tell her that it would be hard and frustrating, but that things would work out better than we thought! 

As we began our renovations, every day we uncovered unwelcome surprises (mold, broken fixtures, unexpected expenses) and I felt discouraged many times. I wish I could send myself a picture of our home now: cozy, comfortable and perfect for us. 

I want to go back and tell myself that all of those possessions we had to sell? A year later, I wouldn't even remember. I wish I knew how much I would enjoy the simplicity and contentment that comes from only keeping your very favorite things. 

A lot of the challenges I was worried about ended up being unnecessary. I was worried about how the kids would do in a small space (totally fine!) and if sharing a room would be hard on them (nope!). I worried about finding a place to park it (not an issue) and if it would be worth it, financially (YES!). A few of the things I wasn't worried about have been tricky: freezing pipes, days and days of snow and leaking. 

We have spent many, many happy days in our tiny home. We've learned to live together in a small space and how to keep our possessions to the minimum. We spend more time enjoying our surroundings, in our own yard and community than ever before. 

The biggest reason we made this move was to help us gain more financial freedom. This goal has been met a thousand times over. Our low cost of living allowed Austin to stress a lot less about work and focus on school. He excelled this year and was offered a 3 month internship in January. His internship ends in a few weeks and he has been offered a fulltime, permanent position. We're over the moon excited! We were able to pay off our student loans this month and we feel like we are now set up for success. We'll be able to start aggressively saving for our next adventure (don't ask me what that is yet!). 

It's difficult and scary to step out and do something different. We were living in a perfectly normal little home, Austin was working 40+ hours a week at a job he didn't love and struggling to find time for our family and school. Taking this risk and living in an unconventional way has paid of tenfold and has been a wonderful experience for us all. 

I'm often asked if it's been worth it. I think you can guess my answer: YES!!!