Suite Little House Tour

We are enjoying our new little home, it's becoming a cozy, functional space for us. When my parents bought their home almost 15 years ago, this was a half-converted garage. They put a lot of work into it and turned it into a little apartment. Several people have lived in it over the years (us included!) and it's been a blessing to many people! It's around 500 square feet, which may seem small but right now it feels huge to us! 


We gave the kids the bedroom and it's been fun for them to have a slightly bigger space to play. They share the full-sized bed and Felix has a mini crib in the corner. 


Most of their books are on the shelf in the living space, but their library books are on display and easily accessible to them. The picture rails are from IKEA. 


We pull Felix's tiny crib out of the room at night and he sleeps in it at the foot of our bed for part of the night. The peg shelf holds all of our baby carriers. 


The sectional in the living room belongs to my parents and was there when we moved in. It's quite a treat to have a couch lounge on! 


I'm still looking for a few things to hang on the walls, but I took our things out of the bus to hang up already! 


The bathroom is right off the living room, complete with a flush toilet, hot water and a full sized shower! Can you imagine such luxury?? The woodstove needs some repairs, but we're hoping it'll be functional soon! 


Just like in the bus, our bed is in the main living space. We upgraded to a king sized bed in the move and it's amazing! It's nice to have a larger bed since the kids all love cuddling and reading or playing quietly on the bed during the day. 


I think the kitchen might actually be smaller than the kitchen in the bus, but we do have a full sized fridge and table! 


The view out my (huge!) kitchen window is lovely, a big open field facing west so we can see the sun setting every evening. 


Our closet is behind Felix's high chair and that pantry cupboard holds all of our dry food. 

We're enjoying our new home, and it still feels like we're at a resort or something with all of the amenities available!