Mountain Springs Lodge


Austin finally, finally, FINALLY finished the quarter last weekend! After a very busy few months, including finishing up projects at work, full time school, moving, finals, etc. it was such a relief for him to be DONE! It looks like he won't have to go full time next quarter, and then he'll be graduating in June! We decided to get away as a family to celebrate and reconnect. 

We chose Leavenworth because it's not too far away, but far enough that it feels like a real vacation! 


We used a 2018 Toyota 4-Runner and it was so nice not to worry about what kind of weather we'd run into! We went through a few snowy patches and it handled them like a champ! We also had TONS of room for storage and leg room! We stayed at Mountain Springs Lodge and it was so perfect! Our cabin was so beautiful and private, we just loved it! It had a good sized bedroom downstairs and a huge sleeping loft (with 4 beds!) for the kids. It was nice to getaway but still have all the amenities of home, a full (very well stocked!) kitchen, bathroom with laundry, large living room, etc. Our favorite feature was the hot tub on the front porch, overlooking the valley. The kids and I spent a lot of time lounging and soaking, what a treat! 


It was cold and there was a little dusting of snow outside, but it was so cozy by the fireplace in the cabin! 


The kids enjoyed playing outside and we had a constant supply of hot chocolate to warm them up when they came back in! I can only imagine how wonderfully cozy and sweet it would be in a heavy snowfall! 


Mountain Springs Lodge has a handful of fun winter activities: snowmobile tours, sleigh rides, cross country skiing and snowshoeing! We were hoping to take a sleigh ride, but there wasn't quite enough snow for that! Instead we enjoyed walking along the trails, which were lovely! 


Everyone who we met was so friendly and kind, we felt so welcomed! 


On our second evening, we bundled the kids up and headed to Leavenworth to look around. It's not too far from Mountain Springs Lodge and it was the perfect activity to get the kids good and worn out! 


Since we were there on a Monday evening, it was so quiet and peaceful! We loved looking at the lights, window shopping and wandering through a few of the shops!


We finished up with a cake pop and Starbucks before heading back to our cozy cabin! The kids were almost asleep on the ride there, so it was an easy bedtime, then Austin and I got to soak in the hot tub for a while!


Heading home wasn't easy! It felt like such a calm and quiet retreat, none of us were ready to return to real life! 


Watch this video to see more of our trip! 

Mountain Springs Lodge provided us with accommodations and Toyota and DriveShop USA provided us with the 2018 Toyota 4-Runner to use for the week! All opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own!