Small Space Family Gift Guide

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As a young family living in a small space, Christmas and birthdays can be tricky! I love to shower my kids with gifts, but the truth is that they don't need it and we don't have the space anyway. Here are my best tips for shopping for a family who lives in a small space:

Gift Buying Tips

1. Pay attention to their interests. Because of our small space, neither Austin or I have many hobbies that take up space. We're careful with what we keep and buy and appreciate people who shop for us the same way! For example, while I enjoy knitting, it's not a hobby I'm focused on right now, so gifting me yarn and knitting books would be thoughtful, but difficult for me to find a space to store it. 

2. Add on. Our kids have toys in three categories: Duplo, Magnatiles and animals/people (Playmobil and schleich animals) and it's perfect when they're gifted toys that fit in to those bins! While I'm sure there are many other toys they'd love, it's so much easier to just stick with the toys we have. 


3. Consumable. Cookie decorating kits, craft projects and treats are gifts that I appreciate for myself or my kids. We don't have a lot of craft supplies so I especially appreciate those little craft kits that include everything you need! 

4. Easy to store. Toys or gifts that can easily be packed away are ideal. If it has a bunch of pieces, does it also have a carrying case or basket? 

5. Ask. I'm the worst at having gift ideas ready for my kids, beyond letting people know which toys we already have, but I know lots of people who are very organized with this! Maybe they'd like some cash to put towards a family outing, a membership to a zoo or museum or a specific gift they'd appreciate! Just ask! 

Gift Ideas: 

I'm not the only one who hasn't started my Christmas shopping, right? I've been browsing Amazon and searching for the perfect gifts for the kids and our family and I thought I'd share some of the ideas I've found that would be great for a family with little space! 

We already own some of these things, and others are things I've considered for our kids! 

- Osmo

If you already own an iPad, the Osmo is such a great addition. We have the Creative Set and Pizza Co. and both kids LOVE them! I love allowing them to have screen time without worrying about which apps they're using. It takes up very little space, and grows with your child so it's a wonderful gift for kids of all ages!


- Fairy Garden

I'm excited about this gift for Lulu! I think she'll enjoy putting it together and it'll be fun to see if we can actually grow anything. I've been wanting to do a project like this with her for a long time, but I just can't find the time to put together a cute DIY version. This kit contains everything we need! 

-Happy Salmon

We love playing board games, they're a great way to spend time together as a family and again, it's a "toy" gift that doesn't take up a lot of space. Happy Salmon is a game we recently discovered and all 4 of us enjoy it! It can be learned in minutes - even Abram (3) could learn it and play in less than 5 minutes!

NSG - Happy Salmon TOTY.jpg

- Grimm's Wooden Toys

There are a few different brands that make these kind of stacking toys, but the set we have is from Grimm and we've been super happy with it! We've had it for four years and it's a favorite of our kids and any child who comes to play! The great thing about these toys is that they stack together so nicely doing double duty as a toy and art piece! 


- Flashlight

Always a favorite around here, a flashlight is an easy gift for kids of many ages. A cheapy dollar store light or a more expensive one - so many options!

- Special Treat

Consumables are a great gift idea for anyone living in a small space: hot chocolate, cider, beer or wine for parents.

-Felt Letter Board

 I love my felt letter board from Felt Like Sharing and think it would be a wonderful gift for almost anyone on your list! They've recently added different colored boards and letters, making it easy to choose the perfect gift! I love using mine to mark milestones, special occasions or just to adorn my shelf with a fun phrase! 


- Meal Service

This would be a wonderful gift for a busy parent. A meal service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron would be a huge help and since it's consumable, they wouldn't have to worry about where to store it!

- Outdoor toys

 Hammock, scooter, bikes, trikes, swings, etc. My kids might be less excited about these types of gifts at Christmas time, but they'll appreciate them all spring and summer long! 

- Audio Book or CD

My kids have a CD player in their room, so we love getting new things for them to listen to. They've recently started listening to Adventures in Odyssey and they also love music CDs, Lisa Loeb and Slugs & Bugs are their favorites!