Tiny Homeschooling

I posted a while ago about how we taught Lulu to read when she asked us to at three years old. Since learning to read, she's been able to learn so much on her own! It's incredible how much she picks up from the books she reads, or even just signs and labels! I'm grateful that learning has come easy for her. In light of this, we decided to see about early entrance for kindergarten. Her birthday misses the cut-off by two months, but it became clear that Lulu was more than ready for kindergarten early. After talking with a few administrators and the kindergarten teacher, they all agreed it would be a good idea for her to start this year. 

We're 2.5 months in we're all enjoying the experience! 


Lulu attends a local parent partnership program. It's a really neat blend of public school and homeschooling. She goes to school twice a week for a half day of kindergarten and we do the rest at home. We're partnered with a teacher who we keep in contact with and she's available to answer questions about Lulu's education. Once a month, we submit a progress report of the work we've done at home and we hear about what she's done at school. For this year, we're doing Math, Language Arts and P.E at home. 

The school provides us with curriculum and they have a huge library of materials available for us to check out: board games, flash cards, math manipulatives, etc. It's been fun to pick out a few things to supplement her book work at home! 


Soon after we started homeschooling, our tiny homeschool cupboard was overflowing and such a headache to try to keep tidy! After some brainstorming, we decided to store our washer/dryer for the winter and use the space it opened up for a homeschooling cart. It works out well, because I like the visual cue it gives the kids as well: when the cart is out, it's school time. 

Lulu's school books are stored on the cart, as well as pencils, erasers, markers, scissors and glue. I also keep some flashcards and games on there for Abram to use while Lulu works on schoolwork. It's perfect because it's kind of a novelty for him, he can only use those things when the cart is out and it's school time.

We're pretty laid back about school this year, since it's our first year of it and she's only in Kindergarten. 


Here's what we're doing:

Math: Math-U-See, math fact flashcards, Tangrams, Osmo (Pizza Co.), plus hours of "practical math": talking about prices at the grocery store, adding up items, counting things she sees, addition while cooking together, etc. 

Language Arts: Spelling You See, Handwriting Without Tears, LOTS of reading: Lulu reads out loud to us or we read out loud to her, listening to audiobooks, journal writing, writing letters, hours at the library. 

P.E (this is a class required by the district): Hiking, walking, running, playing, climbing, sliding, exploring. Meal planning and preparing. 

We've only been at it for a couple months, but I'm really enjoying watching Lulu learn and it's fun to see Abram following along too!