Five Awesome Amazon Purchases

(This post contains Amazon affiliate links!) 

I confess, I'm an Amazon junkie. You can't beat the convenience, especially when you live a ways from town, like we do now. I'm also pretty budget conscious, so most of my purchases are necessities or under $20. 

Here are five of my favorite (random) recent purchases: 

1. Bandana Bibs

Thank goodness Felix doesn't spit up much (Abram was a fountain of baby puke) but man, he DROOLS like mad! These bibs are perfect, cute and practical! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 9.27.57 AM.png

2. This adorable planner

While I have to admit, this planner hasn't completely taken all of my stress away, it has helped me feel more in control and organized. It's the perfect size to toss in my bag and take along and it's super cute !

3. Svan High Chair

I posted about this high chair on Instagram when I first got it and I still love it! It's tiny and perfect! I love the design and it's table height, so I can take the tray off and push it right up to the table with the other kids. Felix loves joining us at meal time, even if he's not eating yet! 


4. Bento Box

Lulu brings a snack to lunch each day, so I was on the hunt for small lunch box that would be easy for her to bring along. I didn't want anything huge since she's only there for a few hours and rarely even eats her whole snack. I found these cute Bento boxes and got one for her and Abram. They're perfect for packing along a small amount of a variety of items! 

5. Battery operated candles

I love these. I bought a set of 6 last week and they make our home seem so cozy! They're battery operated, but really look like real candles! they flicker and glow like real candles and are made of wax! I love that they have a remote, one push of a button and they're all out! My kids don't know that though, and love "blowing" them out (while I secretly operate the remote)