Today is Tuesday, we found out on Wednesday that we had to move and pulled out on Saturday afternoon. 

Moving a 20 ton vehicle that's been sitting on soft ground for 18 months is no easy task. First we had to move everything around inside to get the bed taken down. Obviously, in such a small space, it's very hard to rearrange anything. Thankfully, my parents took Lulu and Abram for the night so we could have some space to work. After getting the living room cleared out, we took the bed apart (it's built over the cab) and checked to see if the bus would even run. 


We both cringed as Austin turned the key but we were pleasantly surprised to find that it started right up! After 18 months of sitting, we just weren't sure what was going to happen. It sounded rough for a few minutes, but then seemed to work through that and purred like a kitten. 

The next morning Austin had to go to my parents house to pick up the driver's seat that we had stored in their barn. Then we had to figure out how to get the steering column hooked up again. Three trips to the hardware store later, we had all the bolts we needed. 

While it's different than packing up a home, it's still a lot of work to get everything ready for a move in an RV. Since we took out pretty much everything "RV" about it, everything has to be secured and tied down for a move. I zip-tied and taped every cupboard and drawer closed.


After we had everything ready, we had to unhook the power, water and propane and get everything stored away outside. Then we used the jacks to get everything out from under the tires. In the process, one of the jacks sunk deep into the ground and we had to dig it out by hand. Finally, we decided to try to drive it out. After a couple failed attempts, Austin gunned it and Big Bluey backed right out! It was pretty crazy to see the space after we pulled out of it, 18 months of living left it's mark. 

We waited for my dad to come follow us to make sure we made it before we headed out on the road. Besides the cat yowling it's head off in the shower, the mailbox we took out and Hank pooping on the dashboard, we made it just fine! It's definitely not a vehicle I'd do long term travel in, but it did great for the 20 minute drive. 


After we arrived here, we were pretty worn out and stressed from the week. Thankfully, we could spend the night at my parents' house. 

We had been trying to decide wether we should try to continue living in the bus or move into the suite at my parents' house. I was set on staying in the bus, Austin preferred the suite. We finally decided to see how bus living went in the new space, but when we went through the steps to get our home set up again, we ran into trial after trial. We struggled to get the bus level, and as a result, couldn't get the door to shut properly, the porch wouldn't fit, we couldn't get enough power to run our space heaters, we had trouble with the water, and finally, a new little leak showed itself and I finally admitted defeat. 


We're currently in the process of moving into the suite. While I'm grateful it's an option, I'm feeling pretty bummed about it. It's a nice little space, but it's not ours. 

So another adventure in small living begins for us. The suite is about 500 sq feet, it has one small bedroom, a little bathroom and an open living space. It's been empty for a while and needs a little work before it's comfortable. I'll share some pictures in a few days! 

Thanks for the encouragement and support, it's been a long, strange week and we're all a little tired and battered.