Tiny Space Kids

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After the kids' birthdays this past week, we organized all their toys to include their new things. It;s always a relief to have their room clean again, and to do a big purge every once in a while! The kids almost always help me when we decide it's time to purge and they've gotten really good at knowing when it's time to pass something on. 

These are the current toys: On top: Grimm's Rainbow blocks, Keva Planks, Play Silks (and basket), In the bins: Duplo blocks, Magnatiles, play animals. I also recently found the American Girl doll at Value Village and she's been a favorite. 

I'm often asked about the toy storage we have, the white bins are from IKEA and I built the shelf to fit them. We've found it's super important to have a place for everything to easily fit if we want the kids' room to be clean at all. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.41.49 PM.png

We rearranged the kids' room a few weeks ago and now Abram's bed is under Lulu's bed instead of against the wall. This gives us a little more floor space and gives each kid their own bed space. When we first moved in, we had a dresser under Lulu's bed, but we found the kids didn't need that much space for clothing so we put a bookshelf there instead. Eventually we moved the bookshelf so that it's more accessible and made a bed for Abram underneath. Lulu's bed is a crib/toddler sized and Abram's is a little smaller. We cut a piece of foam to fit just right in that space. 


Their room used to be the master bedroom in the RV, the space where the platform is is the size of a queen sized bed and where their bed is is where the closet used to be. It's a tight space, but we make it work. 


After we moved Abram's bed from under the window, we were able to move their bookshelf out so it's much more accessible. It was impossible to get to before, meaning that they would always take books off, but never put them away. We have gotten rid of almost all of the books we own and we use the library instead. It's so nice to have a rotating collection of books and the kids spend a lot of time reading. 


Our hanging clothes are in the corner behind their CD player, the cupboards and drawers are full of their clothing and off-season items and we also store the laundry in the corner (under the coats). It's hard to tell, but the ceiling is only about 5 feet high in here, because the engine is under the platform. I'm grateful that the kids' have their own room, but it's a hard space to work with and I think I just have to accept that it will never be a cute "pinteresty" kids' room.