We got the news yesterday that we have to move. We are currently parked on private property and we knew it was possible that the county would require us to leave. But after 18 months, we've kind of forgotten that and settled in.

We just got all our winter prep done and were ready to cuddle in for our last 6 months in the bus. We're not sure what's next. We hope to move the bus this weekend, probably to my parents' house.

From there we have a few options:

-There's a converted garage/suite on their property that we can live in (it's around 500 sq feet), it needs a little work and I don't know how the space will work for our family. 

- We can attempt to live in the bus on their property, although they don't have the hookups we need to survive the winter comfortably.

- We could look for somewhere else to park the bus, which is nearly impossible, but with 6 months left until Austin graduates and we hope to purchase our own place, it seems a little silly.

- We could look for a rental home, but prices are so high here, we would barely be able to scrape by and definitely wouldn't be able to continue saving for a home of our own.

- Maybe look to buy something now? Although we don't really feel ready for that and definitely don't want to rush into it.

We're not mad, we knew this was a possibility all along and don't want to make any trouble for anyone. We're bummed about losing this space we've loved so much, and sad that this might be the end of our bus life.

Think of us over the next few days as we wrap our heads around this change and decide what's the best move and pack up and prepare for a move! Keep your fingers, toes and all other crossables crossed that the bus starts this weekend when we need it to, it's been stationary for 18 months and while we did drive it here, it was sketchy at best.