5 on Friday: Five favorites

This week was long and definitely had some ups and downs. Here are my five favorite things about this week: 


1. This past Sunday was especially restful and sweet for my little family. Felix was baptized, which was wonderful! Of course, the baptism of each of our children has been a special day for us, but this day was especially fun because Lulu and Abram were somewhat aware of what was going on. They were as excited as we were to see their little brother get baptized. After church, we enjoyed lunch at my parents' house and Lulu requested that we sing together afterwards. She's realized that she can read well enough now to follow along in the old hymn books and sang her little heart out (slightly behind and little off key) with the rest of us. 


2. On Tuesday, a friend of mine and her two boys joined us on a nature walk. We bundled up for the chilly morning weather and walked 2 miles with our five little ones, before heading back to the beach for a picnic, where the kids stripped of their clothes and played in the water in the warm afternoon sun. It was such a peaceful day and it was so nice to have time to visit while the kids stayed busy on the beach! As an added bonus, I almost hit a bear on the drive home! 

3. I had a chance to chat with Lulu's kindergarten teacher this week and it was so encouraging! Since we decided to start her a year early (she's not 5 yet), I've been really wondering how she's doing in class. Her teacher was confident that Lulu is more than ready for kindergarten this year!


4. After several rough days, Austin asked me how he could help lighten my load. I couldn't think of anything, since he's gone most of the day. We woke up in the morning to find notes he left for each of us, loving, encouraging words for me and a fun note and small list of chores for each of the kids. Not only did they love finding a letter written just for each of them, they were more than happy to complete the tasks he gave them. It was such a clever way for Austin to help out and really set the day off right. I'm so grateful for my husband and the way he loves me. 

5. I had an engagement session this week and we were able to do some rescheduling and make it work on one of the gorgeous days we've had! It felt so good to get out and shoot again! It was one of my favorite recent sessions and I left feeling so confident and inspired!