My Ta-da list

A few weeks ago, I read something about writing a "ta da list". 

Instead of looking back at your day and feeling guilty about what didn't get scratched off your to do list, write a ta-da list of everything you DID accomplish. 

Today was a rather frustrating day and I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not getting anything done, seems like the perfect occasion for a ta-da list!


- Changed and nursed the baby, emptied the dehumidifier and made the bed without waking up the kids.

- Did all the dishes before breakfast. 


- Changed two Felix poops

- Kept Abram diaper-free all day with only one accident (including running errands all afternoon!)

- Got the baby to sleep beside me while I finished editing a wedding and responded to emails

- Made Lulu a good school snack 

- Helped the kids clean their room, which I've been avoiding for weeks

- Left for kindergarten with enough time to get birthday cupcakes for Lulu to bring in

- Remembered to get supplies to make Lulu a birthday crown, a tradition I didn't realize was so important until she reminded me today. 

- Helped Abram on the toilet in a tiny bathroom stall while wearing Felix

- Bought Lulu a birthday gift with Abram noticing 

- Got the boys in and out of the van 5 times in the pouring rain


- Got to school early enough to pick up a few things from the school library

- Helped Abram go pee while juggling Felix and our library items.

- Got everyone and all of our stuff into the bus without tears in the POURING rain. 

- Cleaned out the litter box and took care of the cat

- Got Lulu's birthday presents from the mail carrier without her noticing

- Started dinner while keeping Felix happy on the floor

- Remained calm after discovering Abram hiding under my bed, pooping.

- Cleaned the house, with the kids help (harder than without!)

- Played "Mean Dogs" with Abram, until he actually bit me

- Had dinner ready when Austin got home from work/school

- Comforted Lulu when I wanted to laugh after she fell directly onto her face while doing a dance move I warned her not to do

- Took a shower and convinced Lulu to let me wash her hair (no tears!)

- Got Felix to bed while editing photos 

- Checked the whole bus for leaks during the torrential rain and didn't find any new ones. 


It's still hard not to look back and think of the missed opportunities and failures of the day, the items I could have checked of my list but didn't, the times I was impatient or frustrated with the kids, but it does help to write it out and see that I did get something done!