Tiny Home/Minimalist Gift Guide

(This post contains Amazon Affiliate links)

I recently asked for birthday gift ideas on my Facebook page and was so impressed by many of the ideas, I decided to compile some them here so I can find them again, or so others can get some ideas for their own kids! 

Lulu and Abram both have birthdays later this month (turning 3 and 5) and I've been stuck for ideas. I love the idea of experience gifts, but they like something they can open and play with right away (I get it!). 

Here some ideas I'm considering (and a few things we already have, but that would be great for someone else!)

I love these butterfly wings! They're pretty, simple and don't have wire that can be bent or broken. I like they are easy to store in a drawer or cupboard! 

Play Silks are a great, simple, open ended toy that I had forgotten about before a few people suggested them! They can be used as props, flags, capes, tents, costumes, etc. I think both of my kids will love these! 

Whoever suggested Walkie Talkies? GENIUS! I think we'll all love these! I'm sure my kids will find a thousand different ways to use these in their games, and I hope it'll encourage them to get outside and play! I can imagine them taking these to the park or the beach, or playing with them in the yard, or while one of them is outside, etc. I'm excited for this gift! 

Puzzles are another great gift idea! We love Ravensburger puzzles, Lulu and Abram can complete a 45-60 piece puzzle on their own, it's a great quiet activity for them to work on together. 

Another great idea, an Amish Marble Run is something I'm pretty sure Abram would LOVE. It's super simple and won't make a mess. We've had marble tracks before, but all of the pieces got lost one by one. I love that this won't take up a lot of space and is easy to store. 

We have a couple big empty planters and I'm thinking of getting Lulu the materials to make a fairy garden together! Amazon has a bunch of super cute accessories and kits to make them and I think it would be a fun project for us to do together! 

This Sunprint Kit is so cool, I want to buy it right now! I'm definitely going to get enough paper that I can try it out too!

If we had an open wall, I would definitely get the kids a felt board like this one! They would love it and there's a million different things they could do with it! 

I've shared about these bird feeders before! The kids each got one for Christmas last year and they're still a hit! We've just recently filled them again and have all kinds of birds visiting again, right at our window! 

As much as I love the environment and love to reduce, reuse, recycle...I also love single use or consumable items. A cookie kit like this would be a big hit here and after you use it, it's done! 

Another cute, single use gift could be a craft kit like this. We don't have craft supplies at home (intentionally) and I have no desire to start collecting them until we have more space. However, my kids would love a project like this and when they're done, everything but the project can be tossed! 

We already have a couple hammocks and a swing and they're used constantly! A swing like this would be a great option for any kid! 

I'm hoping to get each of the kids one of these market baskets, I'm thinking they can use them when we go on our nature walks. They love collecting pretty leaves and plants, but get sick of carrying them. These are cute and functional! 

I've never even heard of a Solar Powered Rainbow Maker, and now I want one for every window in our house! Can you imagine how cool that would be? If you read the reviews on Amazon, these things are pretty much loved and adored by everyone who has bought one! 


- Thingamatink

- Clothing

- Board games

- Audiobooks

- DVD/Movie night kit (we don't have a TV or DVD player, but would be fun for a family that does!)

- Grocery store gift card to pick out treats (My kids will LOVE this!)

- Seed Catalogue (Anna Poupa suggested letting each kid browse the beautiful (free!) catalogue, then they can pick out some seeds, then plan a garden to plant them in the spring!)

- Pottery date to paint something they can use at home


Seriously, SO many good ideas! Be sure to go browse the thread on my Facebook page and add your own suggestions!