Tiny Problems

There's lots of random things going on around here, nothing huge but lots of small annoyances and issues that have kept us busy. 

About 10 days ago, we woke up and fall was here. The air was crisp, there were colorful leaves falling and it started to rain. It seemed cozy and lovely in the house. Until I woke up in the middle of the night to raindrops. On my face. In my bed. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well for the rest of the night. We had already planned on sealing the roof of the bus, but we needed warm weather to do so. The 10 day forecast showed only rain. 

The next morning, however, it wasn't raining. As soon as I could, I climbed up on the roof and began scrubbing. I scrubbed the whole roof with a dish brush, dried it with a towel and began painting on the thick, rubbery sealant. I was able to get two coats done in record time and it had almost 24 hours to dry before we heard the rain again. So far, we haven't had any leaks again, but we also haven't had a downpour since then. We're planning on coating it a few more times when we get the chance. 

We're also found that it get's pretty stuffy in our home when we have to have all of the windows and vents closed for the rain. It's cozy, but also pretty humid. We've woken up to foggy windows and lots of condensation a few times. We quickly began searching for options and purchased a heavy duty dehumidifier from Amazon. It's huge, especially in our tiny house. Once we get it set up and working, I'm planning on keeping it under the dining room table. But for now, it's taking up most of the floor space in our kitchen. 

Along with the colder, wetter weather came more laundry, as my kids have started wearing clothing again. No problem, until our laundry machine quit working. I pulled a wet, soaking load of towels out of the machine to do some trouble shooting and found the machine's not draining properly. After a trip to the hardware store, lots of Googling, a few misdiagnoses and lots of wet laundry sitting around, I think I found the problem. I was able to take the front of the machine apart and access part of the pump for the drain hose. Inside I found a huge, disgusting, smelly ball of lint and a handful of 25 year old change. I'm running our first test load now. Fingers crossed!

A few weeks ago, Abram proved to us that he's ready to move out the crib. We could no longer contain him and it wasn't really safe to allow him to continue back-flopping over the edge. A friends of ours was getting rid of the perfect little bed for him and we were able to get it all set up in their little room. The only downfall? Bedtime went from a simple, 10 minute routine to a 45 minute long ordeal. I've also woken up during the night to find Abram crawling into our bed, turning on the lights in the house, climbing up into Lulu's bed and tormenting her or sitting at the dining room table, demanding breakfast at 3am. Needless to say, we all need more sleep. 

As the colder weather sets in and we begin to prepare for the winter, we also realized we need to assess our electric situation. Up until now, we've just had our bus plugged into one single, regular household outlet. Not ideal, but we've been fine as long as we're careful with what we've got plugged in and turned on. However, if we're hoping to run a dehumidifier, at least one space heater as well as our regular household appliances, 15 amp isn't going to cut it. We had an electrician friend come take a look and it seems like it should be pretty straightforward to switch it to 30 or even 50amp, but I'm not holding my breath at it seems like everything takes at least 3 times as long and 5 more trips to Home Depot than what we expect. 

The good news is that I've been able to continue preparing wholesome, healthy and delicious 100% from scratch meals all throughout this hectic week! /sarcasm.

Each problem is small in the grand scheme of things and each one is a good reminder to just take it one step at a time and deal with problems as they arise, as we've been doing since the very first moment we stepped on the bus and decided to make it our home.