I have a friend named Jenn. She's very talented and (according to Lulu) VERY nice. She's a wonderful photographer with an eye for interesting light and angles. When she offered to do a documentary session for our family, I was so excited! I spend a lot of time taking pictures of my family and our home, but I knew I would love seeing it through her eyes and I was grateful to have a few pictures of me and the kids, so they'll know I existed at this time in their lives. 

Jenn spent a few hours here with us on a warm, late summer evening and just took pictures of what was going on. Very little posing or direction, and a lot of chatting in between. Besides the kids being hyper and silly because someone from the world outside of our fence was here, it was pretty much a regular evening. 

Here are a few (okay, more than a few, but give me a break - these are great!) of my favorites:

I really love that we have these pictures to remember this summer with. 

Find Jennifer on Facebook or Instagram, she's just starting a really awesome 365 Project!