What We Miss

My good friend Melissa Daughters (MK Daughters Photography) came to our old house the day we moved and took a few pictures for us. I was looking back at them the other day and thinking about our last home. 

There's not a lot we miss about our old house, honestly. We took our favorite things with us and a lot the last few months in that home were stressful and frustrating. 

There are times that I do miss the space. There's not really room for the kids to run and dance and play in the house, but it's a trade off since we have tons more outside space!

I miss the ease of a conventional home. There's no gray water tank to empty, no compost toilet to dump, everything is a lot more straightforward and people know how to fix the issues that arise. A lot the problems we have encountered as we aren't so easily fixed. 

We all miss the bathtub. It wasn't anything special, but it was a tub! The shower worked well and we had consistent hot water and a flushing toilet. 

I miss the finished attic! We had a bed for guests, extra space for the kids if we needed it, tons of storage and room to store projects and hobbies.

Abram was born in our dining room at the old house, sometimes I miss that space. 

I don't post this as a complaint, just thoughts and an excuse to share some photos that I love. We have not once regretted our decision. Even with the things we miss, there are many, many things that we do not miss. 

I love the sense of ownership and pride we have in our current home, the financial freedom, the space we get to share and a thousand other things!