Our Favorite Things: Wren & James

When we downsized to prepare for our move from 1,000+ sq feet to less than 300 sq feet, we got rid of 80% of what we owned. We are very careful with what we keep now, we are quick to get rid of things that aren't working for us; clothing that stays at the bottom of the drawer, shoes that are uncomfortable, dishes or appliances that aren't used. As a result, the things that we are left with are all things that we genuinely LOVE. Products, brands and items that we think deserve a place in our home! 

If you happen to have a child (like I do) who only wears dresses (and only certain dresses) you'll appreciate my love for Wren & James!

A year ago, I found a cute vintage red dress for Lulu at a thrift store. It became her ultimate favorite dress and she wore it almost every day. She calls it her party dress and it's be worn to death. 

Unfortunately, this dress is pretty much done. Worn out, too small, it's coming apart at the seams. Lulu requested that I buy her a new party dress, she was set on this style. I began the search for the perfect new dress for her. Because we live in a tiny space and are very mindful of how much clothing we each have, I really try to only buy clothing that I know my kids will love and actually wear. We don't have space for extra! 

I was about to give up hope on finding the perfect new dress for Lulu when I found Wren & James. Lulu and I were both thrilled! Their dresses are the perfect mix of vintage style and modern durability! We browsed the site together and Lulu picked out this gorgeous yellow dress.  

4C0A8739 (1).jpg

The dress is perfect! You can tell right away that it's made from high quality materials and it's going to hold up well! I took Lulu out for a little photo session a few days after she got it, it has already been through the wash several times because she's worn it everyday!

Lulu is certain that there are three wooden buttons on the back of the dress because she is three years old. Makes sense, right? If you're three, yes.

This dress not only met Lulu's standards for 'party dress-ness', she's also thrilled at how well she can dance in it.

I'm thrilled that I don't have to A) squeeze her into her worn out favorite dress or B) fight with her to get her to wear something different anymore! 

A lot of their dresses are on sale right now, I'm seriously considering buying a second one in a size up since I'm almost positive this dress is going to be a favorite for a long time!