Our Favorite Things: Saltwaters

When we downsized to prepare for our move from 1,000+ sq feet to less than 300 sq feet, we got rid of 80% of what we owned. We are very careful with what we keep now, we are very quick to get rid of things that aren't working for us; clothing that stays at the bottom of the drawer, shoes that are uncomfortable, dishes or appliances that aren't used. As a result, the things that we are left with are all things that we genuinely LOVE. Products, brands and items that we think deserve a place in our home! 

First up: Saltwater Sandals

My kids and I wear our Salt Water Sandals every day during the spring and summer. They're comfortable enough for me to wear all day while I'm shooting a wedding, and even Abram has no problem wearing them even though he hates shoes (or really, clothing of any kind...) and they fit well on his fat feet. 

When we were looking through our shoes to decide which ones to keep, we tried to choose styles that were versatile and that would last for a long time. I love the classic look of Saltwaters and both my kids like them. We wear them to the beach, in the dirt, on hikes, in the water, to the pool, to church, to the store, to weddings, etc. 

They get filthy and clean up and dry off and look good as new! 

The pair that Abram currently wears were bought used several years ago, then Lulu wore them and now he wears them all the time and they still look new! 

I really appreciate brands and products that are truly worth the money. Living in a small space with a family really makes you appreciate items that are so reliable and versatile!

*Saltwater Sandals had nothing to do with this post, I just really like them!