Home tour: Living Room

We are moved into our sweet little home and absolutely loving it so far! We're hoping to move to some property this weekend and then we'll be settling in and enjoying a quieter, slower paced life. 

I'd love to show you our home, so I'm planning to do a post about each room of our house, share some details and address questions. 





Our bunk over the cab is one of my favorite changes we made to the RV. The bed sits on 9 legs (3 on the dash and 6 on the floor) and is is made of mostly 2x4s. We do have to remove the bed to move our home, which we don't plan on doing often. A friend of a friend gave us her barely used mattress and it's the nicest mattress either of us has ever slept on. 

Part of the bed is under the cabinets, but there's still room to sleep comfortably, so we don't mind. The cabinets and shelf make it easy to store stuff near our bed and we love the windows all around. The first week we had moved in, it rained pretty much all week. It was so cozy to curl up in bed and watch the rain run down the windows. There are curtains all around (another thrift store find!) that we can close. The quilt is a hand-stitched vintage beauty that I just love. It's actually a twin sized quilt, but it works okay!

There is an outlet just above our heads and we used this picture rail from IKEA to create a little charging station. The light is another IKEA find and it's perfect for the space we have!

We weren't sure what we wanted to use for a ladder/stairs to our bed, so we just used a stool for the first week. After living in it for a week, we decided we didn't want to lose any floor space with a stairs and that a ladder wouldn't work as well. Instead, I built this little end table and we just step from the kids' chair to the end table and then onto the bed. 

When we were choosing furniture for the living room, I knew I wanted everything to have legs so that we could store stuff underneath. This chair was a Value Village find. We bought our tiny little couch from Wayfair and we've been happy with it! We keep two baskets stored under it. 

One basket holds all of our shoes. I hated always trying to find a place to fit them, or always having shoes in the way so I was happy to find a basket that fit perfectly! 

The other has a few special toys that Lulu can only play with while Abram is napping. Since all of the rest of their toys are in their room (where he naps) we decided to keep a special basket in the living room just for nap time.

I wasn't sure about this shelf at first, since it takes up so much of our valuable space, but I love it now! It's nice to have an easily accessible space to store so much stuff, and display some of our treasures. The crates hold art supplies and electronics/cords/chargers.

It was so fun to unpack and find some of our favorite things again. I love looking around our home and seeing only the things that I love best!