Home Tour: Kids' Room/Bathroom

The back of the bus is a tricky, tight space. There's a very narrow hallway leading from the dining are to the kid's room in the back, with a door to the bathroom as well. It's the one area that feels too small. 

Really, if that's our biggest complaint, we have it pretty good. We do appreciate the storage area here, we use it for rolled towels, washcloths, extra diapers and wipes and the ones up above for things we don't want the kids to reach (batteries, light bulbs, lighters, etc). 

The wall across from the window was the only bare space left in the house and I decided to paint it with chalkboard paint. After it was done, I began to realize how often we brush against that wall and decided we didn't want chalk dust on us all the time. Instead, I used permanent chalk markers and decorated it.

The kids' room is at the end of the hallway. It was originally the "master" bedroom, with a built in queen bed, large closet and door to the bedroom. We couldn't take out the bed (since the engine is underneath) so we raised the rest of the floor instead. We took out the closet doors and built Lulu's bed inside to save floor space and closed off the door to the bathroom. 

Really, for the awkward space we had to work with, we're very happy with how it turned out. Grown up people have to bend to fit, but the kids fit perfectly!

I'm excited for Abram to transition to a toddler bed so that it will fit better under the window.

Lulu loves her bed and I like that it gives her a little bit of her own space. Abram can climb up and down quite easily, but mostly he's fine to leave her alone if she chooses to play up there by herself. 

All of the kids' clothes fit in the dresser, Abram's in the bottom drawer, Lulu's in the middle and the top is mostly empty except for some of their more wintery clothing. We attached a length of closet rod from the side of the dresser for their hanging clothes. 

Another length of closet rod between the top of the bed and the wall hold all of our hanging clothing. It's a little tricky to access, but not that big of a deal since we don't really wear (or own) a lot of clothing that needs to be hung.

I loved our old Trofast IKEA toy organizer and wanted something similar in our new house. I couldn't find something the right size, so I built this one to fit the bins. We got rid of quite a few toys and this is all we're left with (plus a few dolls and Lulu's stuffed camels). I love that everything has a place and it takes us literally 10 minutes to clean up every single toy.

The bathroom. Someone recently asked me if we even had a bathroom because I never share pictures of it. We do have a bathroom. And it's functional....but not that's about it. It looks (and smells) a lot better than when we started, but it's still not my favorite. We installed a tankless water heater so we have as much hot water as we have propane. This was a huge improvement on the 5 gallon tank they had in here, we would have been able to take 6 minute showers.

 I was worried about the kids missed the bathtub. They love to take baths and it's our lifesaver every night in that terrible after-dinner but before-bedtime stretch. I was trying to come up with a solution when my mom pointed out that we can just plug the shower and they can sit in the basin filled with 3" of water. And? She was right. They could care less that it's not a tub or that it doesn't even over their legs! Kids are awesome.

Not a lot of floor space. A stool for the toilet (it's too tall for Lu!), the white bin holds the clean compost material, garbage can. You can see the door to the crawl space behind the bins. That leads to the space under the kids' room. For now, it holds toilet paper, diapers and our space heater. There's still a lot of open space!

It's a little embarrassing how much I love our compost toilet. If you come over, be prepared to hear all about it. I'm so glad that this alternative worked for us, it makes everything SO much easier! We've been using it for over a month now and we haven't had any issues, smell or otherwise. It's simple and straightforward. I love it. 

I love the fan/skylight in the bathroom, it keeps in bright and fresh in here all the time. 

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