Home Tour: Kitchen/Dining room

I absolutely love our kitchen! It's the first room of the RV I saw when I looked at the ad and it's what sold me. It hardly feels like an RV kitchen, I've never seen another one like it. 





The kitchen cabinets were all in great shape, as were the tile countertops, which gave use a great place to start. 

I found this little dining room table and chairs on Craigslist when we first started working on the house and I was glad to see it fit when we finally set it up. There are two leaves, but we took the second one off the window side, since we'd never use it anyway. The chairs slide right under it, so they're always out of the way. Lulu sits on the little stepstool that we got from IKEA. We're still waiting to find one more little stool that can sit there so we can all sit together. 

We have eaten several meals at this table and we can all fit comfortably. This one was one of my main concerns when we started considering tiny living. We eat all of our meals at the table together, and that's something we didn't want to give up! 

The kids love eating breakfast and watching the birds and trees out the window. 

We took out the enormous 25 year old microwave and replaced it with this countertop oven. It's big enough to fit a 9x13 pan and we're very happy with it so far! 

I really love this little cupboard for our mugs and coffee/tea/cider/cocoa. 

My little sink and little tiny window. I dreamed of replacing this sink with something a little nicer, but really, it's fine and there's no real reason to replace it. 

I debated whether or not to keep the Kitchen Aid, but it made the cut in the end! I love the amount of counter space we have. I know it's not much compared to a normal sized house, but it's huge for an RV or tiny house!

One of my favorite kitchen features: a washer/dryer combination! It works well, although drying takes so long that it's often faster to hang a load on the line. 

My dad installed these lights under the counter and under the cabinets over the table, they're surprisingly bright and nice and out of the way!