Midnight Rose

We're still plugging away at our new little home over here, slowly checking off jobs on the list and getting things done. 

One big job that Austin and I worked on was building a bed for Lulu. The kids' bedroom is small (obviously) so in order to use the space as best as we can, we're making a crib sized loft bed in the closet for Lulu. 

From the very beginning of this project, Lulu has been talking about her new bed. Her new purple bed. Her purple bed with pink sheets and a red pillow. I promised her she could pick out whatever color she wanted for her bed, it seems like a small price to pay for making her move into an RV....

I showed her a page of paint colors (all various shades of purple) and she instantly chose a dark purple called "Midnight Rose". I was really hoping to sway her towards "Gentle Lilac" or "Barely Berry" but no luck. Every time I pointed out another lovely shade of (very light) purple, she insisted on Midnight Rose. 

We picked up a pint of Midnight Rose and Lulu was so, SO excited to help me paint her bed. Seeing how excited and thrilled she was about the color made it almost worth it to paint the sweet little bed purple.

We still need to finish the ladder and a small portion of railing and then it's done! We'll be designing a closet for the kids under the bed and our hanging clothes will go beside her bed on the other side. Hopefully we can find a way to make it work for everyone!


Other small projects: 


Installing the composting toilet! We bought a Nature's Head toilet since it takes up very little space, doesn't use any water and has very high reviews! We haven't used it yet, but we'll keep you posted (since I know everyone is on the edge of their seat, wondering about our toilet situation!).

We had this one little section of wall to paint and I decided to paint it with chalkboard paint. We'll see if I like it that way, or I might change it up after we've moved in!

Austin and I took apart our sleeping loft and stained it. We were pleased that taking it apart and putting it back in only took about 10 minutes! 

Other recent projects:

-Rewiring the fans in the kitchen and bathroom

-Painting the ceiling and trip

-Scraping more tint off of the windows

-Laying flooring in the closet

-Patching holes

-Working on the wiring in the kitchen

-Finding a place to park it (more on that later!)


I'm planning a big IKEA trip this coming week, it will be so rewarding to finally start buying fun stuff for this space after working on it for the past month!