So close!

We're getting so close to being done our little home! I haven't posted in a while, partially because I just feel like hunkering down and getting it done! We're at a fun part of the project now, we're completing little tasks, but they're the LAST little things! 

Of course, we still have a few large things to do, but we're close. We're hoping to move to our new space in the first week of June, but for now we're slowly moving in while parked in my parents' driveway.

The biggest project we tackled this week was the flooring. I'm so thrilled with how it turned out!

We made a big trip to IKEA last week, I planned for weeks and we spent 5 hours tracking down everything we needed and discovering some new finds! 

One thing we didn't find there was a couch and chair for the living room - everything was WAY too big (and expensive!) I decided to look somewhere else. I was also surprised at the cost of curtains, most of the ones that I liked were $50 a piece or more! We decided we'd look around before purchasing.

A few days later, I made a trip to Value Village and spotted the chair of my dreams! It was $25, but then half off and I had a 30% off coupon, making it under $10! I was thrilled! Yes, it needed a little bit of love and some updating, but I could see the potential! I also found curtains that I love for $5 a piece! 

After we got the chair in place and measured to see what kind of space was left for a couch, I did some online shopping and found a tiny loveseat that would fit the space perfectly. At just over $200 (including shipping) it was cheaper than any other option we had considered!

Setting up our little living room was so rewarding, we are so happy with how it looks and we've spent so much time out here, just admiring how it all looks!

A thoughtful Facebook friend connected us with someone who was getting rid of a queen sized mattress. We happily picked it up and it's probably the nicest mattress we'll ever own! We've been sleeping out here for the past few nights and it's so cozy!

We have a nice sized little closet area under the bed, I found a couple organizers at IKEA that fit perfectly! 

The kids' room is almost done too! After Abram's crib was set up, their dresser and chair were put in place and Lulu's ladder was attached, there is very little room for pictures (tiny house, you know) so I'll do the best I can!

Tonight will be out first night with all of us sleeping in here! Wish us luck!