More progress

We were able to get a LOT done during the first week of work, since then, we've slowed down a lot since we're only able to work on it 2-3 days a week, and always with the kids in tow. This post is from several days of work, there's no way we could get all of this done in one day!

Even after washing the walls, they were pretty gross. Years of dirt, grime, wall paper glue, water stains and normal wear and tear left them pretty grimy and disgusting. 

A couple coats of Killz later and the RV looked completely different! It finally feels like we're getting there! It smells so fresh and clean too. 

We also worked on getting the bedroom totally stripped and ready for remodeling. We found a little bit of rot under the window, so we removed that section of wall and will replace it. You can kind of see where there are 3 small screws coming through the wall. That's where the leak was coming from and the water just pooled in there and made a mess. 

Trying to get the water hooked up was a bit of an adventure as well. The first time we turned it on, water poured EVERYWHERE. We soon realized that there was a hose that wasn't hooked up and the water was just spraying out. We're still not sure how to get it working, so we've hired an RV repairman to come take a look and hopefully give us some advice. He'll also look over the electrical and make sure everything looks good.

I started scrubbing down the walls in the bathroom. Here you can really see the difference between which wall has been scrubbed and which hasn't! The wallpaper glue is so thick and gummy, it takes lots of elbow grease to get it clean!

The bathroom cabinets primed and ready for paint. We'll be closing off the door on the left (that leads into the kids room). I had dreams of taking out the old shower and making some kind of stock tank bathtub, but I don't think our budget will allow for that. So I'll just have to be content with that gold-trimmed, slightly faded shower. 

Lulu and I labeled every single cabinet door throughout the RV so that we'd know where each one went when it's time to put them back.

The kitchen after we removed all of the cabinet doors and the giant, outdated microwave. That's a washer/dryer combo that we'll keep if it works (we haven't been able to test it yet) and an ice maker that we'll remove under the counters. 

All of the doors, ready for washing and priming. Someday, I'll be really grateful for all of the cupboards and cabinets in our tiny home. But this day? Not so much.

The kids were super helpful during this part, or at least attempted to be. For a couple minutes.

Lulu was desperate to help me paint and so I let her help with the first coat of primer. This was a mistake, as her little brush strokes showed through even the final coat of paint. Oops. Lesson learned!

Another huge job was removing the hardware (door catches, hinges, handles, etc.) from every single door. We weren't sure how much we were going to reuse, so I carefully labeled a million (approx.) plastic baggies and kept each door separate.

Primed and ready for paint! Lulu kept asking when we were going to put color on them. She was a little disgusted when I showed her the final 'color'. It's called 'Swiss Coffee' by Behr.

Lulu's response: "Well...that's not really a color, actually. It's mostly just white"

Look at the ceiling! We were all giddy when the first sheet went up and the whole place started to look like a tiny home! 

We found this awesome light to install in the living room (in the hole where the AC used to be). We needed something that didn't stick out at all, since Austin's head already almost scrapes the ceiling. This little light fit perfectly and gives off a lot of light! Dad was able to install a switch right by the front door so we can turn it on as soon as we go in the house. 

We're excited to chat with RV repairman this week when he comes to take a look at it. It will be nice to have reassurance that everything checks out, or at least know what should be replaced!