Where we are now

Our kids (mostly Abram) are still struggling to sleep well at my parents' place. It's totally understandable with everything we've got going on, but it makes it hard to get anything done in the evenings, which is why I haven't had a chance to blog!

Now that I have a chance to sit for a few minutes, I'm just going to dump a bunch of recent pictures here so I'll be caught up for the coming week! 

The cabinets have all been painted, the walls are ready and primed. Once again, Lulu was dismayed that didn't choose a color for the walls, just "more white-ish". 

In Lulu's defense, the color difference is kind of hard to see. This is a picture of the corner, just so you can see the white versus gray. I'm happy with the light colors we've chosen, especially since the floors will be quite dark. I want the RV to be as bright and airy as possible!

The bottom and top cabinets are the same color (Swiss Coffee) but the lighting makes it look different! All of the cabinets and doors are painted, I put all of the new handles on and most of them are hung again. It's started to look like a real kitchen!

Remember all that time I spent painting the hinges and agonizing over the price of new handles? Worth it!

The platform is built in the kids room. Their whole room is raised, about 20". We'll be using peel and stick vinyl flooring in this room so that we can still have access to the space underneath. Most of it is the engine, but there will be some storage for us as well.

While I did love the look of the kitchen, I wanted to add some color to brighten it up and break up all of the light colors a little. The nice thing is that because it's such a small area, I could get away with buying a $4.99 sample size paint can instead of a whole gallon. It was more than enough for 3 coats in the kitchen!

Lulu was thrilled that we finally painted a color on the walls! I really like the bright pop! Most of the large patch over the stove top will be covered by a shelf. 

The bathroom is pretty boring, not a lot going on in there, but I still wanted to document it. You can see where we closed off the door that leads into the kids room. There will be a small door on the bottom that will open to the space under the platform in their room. 

With the new paint, cupboard doors in place and the ceiling painted! Can you tell which door I put in the wrong place?

Another job that I've started on is removing the tint from the windows. We're not too worried about privacy and I'd like to let in as much light as possible! I'm using a cheap clothing steamer and steaming the whole window. Then I start at the top corner and slowly (sloooooowly) peal the tint off. It still leaves a gummy coating behind, so we'll have scrub that off of each window. It's already brighter in there!