Slowly but surely

Mom and Dad were gone to Disneyland (yes, they went without us) last week so it was just Austin, the kids and I. 

Our first job was to get the kitchen ready to be primed. We washed all of the cupboards really well, a few of them were very greasy and grimy and it felt so good to get them clean! You can see the kids in their typical spot in the bus right now - watching a show on my iPad in their room. We don't own a TV and our kids usually don't watch many shows. But these past few weeks? Well, they've pretty much memorized every episode of Wonder Pets that's available on Amazon Prime.

Getting the front cabinets ready to prime as well. This was after a very, VERY windy and rainy night. We were thrilled to find the RV almost completely dry inside. There was a small leak that we're pretty sure we've repaired. The ceiling and walls were all totally dry. We were also pleased at how cozy and sturdy we felt during the wind and rain. 

Primer going on! The first coat of primer on those cabinets was SO satisfying! 

The kitchen is starting to look like I've been imagining it! 

More priming, more Wonder Pets.

Pulling staples and getting the floor ready for the next step. Abram has been teething and as a result, he's extra clingy and needy. We've been doing as much work as we can with him in our arms, on our laps or in the Tula. A friend of ours graciously came and took the kids for a walk and we got as much done in that hour as we did the entire rest of the day.

Lulu trying out the "bus stage" while I enjoy the beautiful light and appreciate all of the progress we've made!

After a couple coats of primer. We were able to prime the closet and cabinets in the kid's room too! 

The next day, I was able to sneak away by myself to work for a few hours. I did a lot of boring, but important jobs, filling holes in the walls, more priming, pulling staples and I also painted all of the hinges. 

We really wanted to replace all of the hardware on the cupboard doors, but after looking over our budget, we realized we couldn't afford to do all of it. We decided to buy all new handles and pulls, but to try to reuse the hinges. 

I swear, this was one of the worst jobs so far. I had to remove the screws and extra pieces from every single hinge (about 100 of them), then put them all in a bucket of cleaner before carefully scrubbing the grease and grime off of every. single. hinge. 

I used Rustoleum spray paint and I was very pleased with how it covered the hinges! A few quick coats, then I gave them a while to dry before flipping them all over to do the other side. 

Not a very rewarding job, but I know we'll be happy when we're putting the doors back on! The hinges look a thousand times better!