Day 2

We have been spending a few nights at my parents' house so that we can work as long as possible before turning in for the night. The good news is that we're able to work all day long. The bad news is that Abram had a very hard time sleeping at Opa and Oma's house, so we started our days out a little groggily. Austin has been on Spring break and my dad isn't working right now, so we were able to put in several looooong days!

The first thing we did was work on removing the front seats. We don't plan on driving a lot and we're building a bunk above the cab, so we want as much space as possible. We were pleasantly surprised that they came out easier than we expected. Dad used the grinder to remove any signs of the passenger seat, but we'll leave the base from the driver's seat so we can install it when we need to move the house.

This will also give us a lot of storage space under our bunk. We're planning on building it so that the bed will be the same height as the steering wheel. When we started contemplating this idea, we both agreed it would only be possible long term if the kids had a separate bedroom. We were happy to find that this RV has a 5'x8' foot cab. We'll be able to fit a queen sized mattress on the bunk and have a little room for a shelf behind our heads. We're still in the planning stage for the bed, but I'm excited to see how it ends up!

This will be the kid's room in the back. The platform is permanent since the engine is under it. We're planning on extending it to fill the room so that they'll have a space to play. There is a vanity (you can just see it in the corner) that we've removed and we'll eventually install some shelving there. The closet in the back is very spacious. We're going to build Lulu a bunk in the top and then keep the bottom for storage. 

After removing the carpets and the giant mirrored closet doors, the room looks better already! Another surprisingly difficult task was removing the  built in nightstands. They each had a lamp hardwired in so they had to be carefully removed. There is a door to the bathroom from this room as well, but we'll be closing that off to have more wall space. 

The heating system extended into the bedroom, another job was to cut and drain the pipes throughout the whole house and then remove the system. We found our first bit of rot on the wall (at the top left). After we removed the wall and insulation, we could see several screws from the outside that had been the source of the leak. 

I spent an hour or so crawling on the floor, removing as many of the tiny staples and carpet remnants as I could. 

The kids had been spending a lot of time playing and watching movies in this bedroom, but now that it's torn apart, they've been kicked out. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous last week and they found lots to do outside!