Getting to work

We were able to start work on the RV the day after it arrived at my parents' house. It was overwhelming to stand in there and think that we had to take EVERYTHING out. Once we got started, it felt like we got stuff done much faster than I thought we would.

The truth is, these pictures make it look a lot better than it was. You can kind of see the marks from the water damage on the (carpeted) ceiling. There was a drip landing on the corner of the couch, the whole place smelled pretty musty and dirty. We had no idea what we'd find under everything. 

The sofa bed was the first thing to go, it was bolted to the floor and we ended up cutting the bolts to get it out. We found a few treasures under there, but I'll save that for another post. The previous owner had installed a pretty intense heating system throughout the rig. Which would have been great, had we intended to use it at all. As it was, it was elaborate system of pipes and coils that we had to carefully remove. Although it only took up a few inches agains the wall, every square inch is valuable and it had to go. 

You can see how much cleaner the carpet is under the couch! We couldn't believe how much roomier it was without the couch and huge desk in there! I started working on removing the kitchen flooring, a job that took much longer than I expected as the whole thing was glued down incredibly well. I was able to chip off only tiny pieces at a time. 

We pulled out the carpet and started removing wallpaper as well. You can see some water stains under the wallpaper, but we were happy to find that the floors and walls were mostly solid! While there had been water leaking in, there was no mold and a lot of the floor in the living room had no signs of leaking at all!