Why are we doing this?

I totally understand that some people just won't understand our reasoning or would never choose to live in 300 sq feet with two kids. That's fine! I get it! But, for us we really feel that this is a good choice for our family right now, and we're excited!

1. We want financial freedom.

We currently rent our house and have been for the past four years. We love our little house and have thoroughly enjoyed living here, we'll be sad to leave! But paying rent for four years gets tiring. Paying the mortgage on someone else's house gets discouraging. Now that Austin is in school, money is a lot tighter than it was. We can continue to live here and enjoy live as we have been, but we would be sinking a little every month. It's a terrible feeling. If we make this life change now and drastically change the way we live, we will be able to save a little every month! We won't have to take out any loans to get Austin through school, we'll be able to breathe a little easier and enjoy life a little more, even if we are in a smaller space!


2. We want to live with less

As we prepare for this move, we've gotten rid of TONS of stuff. And you can hardly tell. Seriously! We aren't hoarders but it's incredible how much STUFF we have stored in this house! We talk daily about how we can't wait to only be surrounded by our favorite things. It will feel so good to have a space that's not filled with things we're hanging onto for no reason. We're not sure how long we'll live in the bus for, but I hope that some of the habits that we learn will stick around no matter what!

3. We want to spend more time together

Our current house is not large, it's a little over 1,000 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. We are together a lot, but I also feel like we spend a lot of time cleaning, organizing, folding laundry, washing dishes, etc. When we live in a tiny space with a small fraction of the stuff we have now, I imagine that cleaning and organizing will take up a lot less of our time! I'd like to have more time to spend focused on my kids instead of my stuff. 


4. We want to!

This is something we've dreamed of doing for a long time. I have spent hours pouring over ads on Craigslist, creating boards on Pinterest and following others in their tiny home journeys. We've talked about it, dreamed about it and finally decided to go for it! We are SO excited to begin our journey and start to explore tiny living and what it will mean for our family!