Christmas Day

We celebrated Christmas at my parents' house. While it's not as tiny as our bus, it does get a little crowded. Their home is just over 1,000 sq feet and we had 20 people, 5 dogs and lots of presents, food and games crammed in there for the day. 

We enjoyed lots of visiting and the kids played all day long. Lulu's best friend/cousin Eleanor got a little jealous of Lulu's music box at one point and one of her aunties tried to solve the problem by giving her an old music box she had around. Unfortunately, the ballerina wouldn't spin. Opa tried to fix it to no avail. Lulu tried to comfort her cousin by saying "Eleanor, it's okay. If Opa can't fix it, there's just nothing we can do"

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas, wether it was filled with family or friends, at home or traveling!