It's been way too long since I've posted here! Things have been busy and before I realized it, almost a month has gone by! I figure I'll just do a big post about the past month. 


We had a pretty big storm here several weeks ago, although it was predicted to be much worse. While many people around us grumbled about how they had prepared for a storm that didn't come or wanted to experience a real typhoon, we were so grateful that it passed us by! The night before had been very windy and rainy and we ended up with several leaks in the roof. It was very frustrated, especially considering all of the work we've done to fix it.

There was a pretty significant leak in the kids' room as well as one near the foot of our bed. We talked it over and decided to replace the entire roof instead of continuing to patch the existing one. The roof is over 25 years old and is brittle from age. We ordered a new rubber roof along with all of the adhesive to install it. Since then, we've had several incredibly rainy days (over 2" of rain in 24 hours) and we've had zero leaks. I have no idea what has changed but it sure makes us less motivated to take on the huge job of replacing the roof. 


We recently took a long trip to Ontario to visit family and friends. We were so grateful for the chance to see everyone, but the trip itself was very stressful. The kids were both quite sick for the majority of the trip, culminating in Abram being hospitalized in Detroit. We ended up needing to extend our trip and change plans because of the ordeal.

Thankfully, Abram recovered very quickly and the trip home was smooth. We have never been more thankful for our cozy home than those first few days back at home. 


As the weather grows colder, we've been wondering how well we'll be able to stay warm. So far so good! We have a nice little heavy duty space heater under the dining room table in the main living area and a small one in the kids' room if we need it. We also have a big dehumidifier that really helps keep things warm too! We were surprised what a difference it made to have it running.

On mild days, we still don't need any heat on at all. If it's a little cool, it's often enough just to have the dehumidifier running. In the evenings or cold mornings, we have the big heater on as well. So far we haven't needed the heater in the kids' room. We've been able to keep the bus at a comfortable 68* quite easily. We'll see if that continues as the weather continues to grow colder but so far, it hasn't been an issue!


As I mentioned above, we've had quite a few rainy days. Besides the one issue with leaking, we've been warm and cozy inside. I was worried about how all of the time stuck inside would go, but so far it's been fine! We leave the house almost everyday: Bible study, story time, preschool drop-in, play dates and other activities keep us busy.

We've also had many days at home, playing, crafting, reading and enjoying each other. It doesn't feel different to me than rainy days in our old house. Yes, it's smaller, but there's room for us each to have our own space and spread out a little. 


Yes, we are going to be adding a baby to our family! I'm due early June and we're all thrilled! When we told Lulu the news, she listened quietly and then stared at us, stone faced. Certainly not the excitement we were expecting. I asked her "Lulu, are you happy?" and she said "Well, I just don't know if you're telling the truth." when we assured her we were indeed telling the truth, she was as excited as I expected!

We're already brainstorming ways to fit a baby and it's accessories (however few) into our home. It'll be a challenge, but I know it will all work out!