Sick Days

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We're recovering from back to back illnesses for our family. It was brutal! We rarely feel our home is too small, but we did this week. We survived, but barely.

Last week, both kids had high fevers and sore throats for several days. They were lethargic, clingy and sad. They both wanted to be near me all the time, but also wanted (and needed!) to rest and sleep. Our couch is barely big enough for one of them, and there's no floor space for an extra floor bed. I was grateful for our bed in the main living area, since the kids could spend a lot of time snuggling up there and still feel like I was close by if I was working in the living room or kitchen.

We don't normally do a lot of electronics, movies or screen time, but we pulled out the stops on all three this week. I am grateful for our local library, we picked up all kinds of fun DVDs and books and that kept the kids happy for several days. I bought a Kindle Fire on Amazon a few weeks ago for under $40 and that was invaluable! I made Lulu her own profile on it and could add a few apps at a time so she always had something new to play. I can set time limits so that her time is limited, but I'm not the bad guy. Seriously, it was a lifesaver when they were both sick and miserable! 

It took 4 days for Lulu to feel better and 6 for Abram. We couldn't wait to finally sleep for more than 1-2 hours at a time. 

That night, Lulu woke us up at 2am and puked all over her bed. We covered our little couch with sheet and towels and tucked her in for the night, assuring each other that it was just a fluke. Until Austin hopped out of bed an hour later to toss his cookies. 

To say the last few days have not been my most glamorous would be an understatement. Let's just say that tummy sick toddler + compost toilet is not a winning combination. 

Today, we're all feeling better! I've gathered lots advice and information about boosting our immune systems and I hope that we'll be able to avoid a season full of sickness!