Our Favorite Things: Ducksday Rainsuits

When we started planning for the fall and winter, one thing I kept thinking about was how hard it would be to be stuck inside. Then I heard someone say "there's no bad weather, just improper clothing". So I started researching what kind of rainy weather gear would work for our kids. I found quite a few two piece options, which seemed bulky and hard to store and keep track of. I also saw lots of cute raincoats, and then found that reviewers were less than impressed with their actual durability. Then, I stumbled upon Ducksday Rainsuits from Ollie & Stella Outfitters. I sent an email to the company, asking a few questions about the suits and they generously offered to send us a couple suits for the kids! 

We've had the suits for a month or so now and to say we love them is an understatement! They are practical, comfortable, durable and cute!

Things I appreciate: 

The suits fold up super tiny into a pocket in the leg, they are easy to store this way, or we they take up very little space just hanging on hooks in their room. 

I like that they are thin. My kids hate wearing thick coats that impede their movement and are uncomfortable. These suits are thin and flexible. I can easily put layers on them underneath and then with the suit on top, they stay warm and dry!

The hood and wrists of the suits have velcro so that we can tighten them to fit the kids perfectly. This helps keep them warm and prevents the sleeves from slipping over their hands (another thing they both hate about most coats!)

I like that the bottom of the suit has stirrups so that the legs stay securely tucked down into their boots, no pant legs riding up to reveal chilly ankles!

The suits have lots of pockets and large zipper pulls, so that the kids can do it themselves. Perfect for storing sea shells, pinecones or whatever treasure they might find! 

I love that the kids can get dirty, wet and muddy outside and then I can just easily slip the suits off when they're ready to come inside. We don't have "outside" or "play clothes" for the kids, as I didn't want to deal with keeping track of two sets of clothing. The Ducksday suits make it easy for them to head out in play in whatever they're wearing and still stay clean. 


As I mentioned, both of my kids hate wearing coats, however, neither of them seem to mind wearing their Ducksday suits at all! I think they are thin and breathable enough that they don't find them uncomfortable, and I know it helps that they each picked out which color they would like. 

They wear them not only in the rain, but almost every time they play outside lately. They are wind resistant and easily wipe clean for playing in the mud and dirt. 

We often leave the suits in the van so we're ready to play whenever and wherever we feel like it! We've made trips to the park in the pouring rain, played at the beach on a cold, windy day and enjoyed making mud pies with friends. These suits are versatile and I love that we don't have multiple coats/pants/hats for each kid. 


Every time we've been in public while the kids are wearing them, I swear I've been asked at least 5 times where we got the suits from! 

My complaint is that they don't make them in my size! The kids are eager to explore in any kind of weather now, meaning Austin and I are left trudging behind in the rain, mud, wind and gloom. 

I am so grateful to Ollie & Stella Outfitters for giving us these great suits and we've already decided we'll be buying a size up each year - they are more than worth it!